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Nomad Cabinet

Traditional codes of French savoir-faire, tinged with a timeless modernity.

Nomad Cabinet : Jean Boggio create a unique piece of exception

Maison Fontaine, a locksmith of decorative art, and Astello by Thierry Massant, cabinetmaker, gave carte blanche to Jean Boggio, storyteller and artisan jeweler, to create a unique piece of exception: a nomad cabinet combining their three know-how .

The result is a true ode to the traditional codes of French savoir-faire, tinged with a timeless modernity.


French savoir-faire

This close collaboration between the Maison Fontaine and Astello by Thierry Massant who, under the artistic direction of Jean Boggio, gave birth to a sumptuous travel cabinet, a link between the 17th and 18th century cabinets and the Art Deco style.

Cabinet in Ebony of Macassar

Astello by Thierry Massant took care of the manufacture of the cabinet in Ebony of Macassar, sublimated by a varnish. The whole thing offers an incredible decor with a large chrome handle from Fontaine collections, which used to be used in transatlantic fittings.

Secret drawer

To also give a mysterious side to this furniture between the travel cabinet and cabin trunk, Jean Boggio has added a secret drawer in which are encrusted 12 gilded bronze rosettes of the Maison Fontaine.

Jungle Motif

Resting on 6 feet in nickel-plated bronze inspired by the ball buttons designed by Ruhlmann for the Maison Fontaine, this precious cabinet proudly displays the jungle motif, a true trademark of Jean Boggio whose "graphic DNA is the palm tree, a true madeleine of Proust of my childhood.

Until the end of March 2018

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These unique pieces are to be discovered until the end of March, by appointment, in the Fontaine Paris showroom, at 190 rue de Rivoli.


Months for its realization


Wood species


Ornaments on the furniture




The idea in the creation of this piece of furniture was to create a jewel of a house where not only Astello's savoir-faire and the Maison Fontaine's DNA were mixed together but also the times and materials to make a resolutely contemporary and timeless piece.

jeweler-goldsmith Boggio

I would like to reconnect with what has made the wealth and international renown of this oldest art locksmith: the collaboration with a designer to draw a complete series of handles, buttons and other exclusive items.

— Christine SOULIER
In charge of the Parisian showroom Maison Fontaine

There was really an artistic collaboration, aesthetic, technical and human.

— Thierry Massant
cabinetmaker Astello

Console in the spirit of Napoleonic

For Jean Boggio, this artistic osmosis was expressed beyond the nomad cabinet with the creation of a console in the spirit of Napoleonic campaign furniture, and for which he deliberately diverted the inevitable steel cremones of the Maison Fontaine .

Photo credit of floral texture: Tassinari et Chatel - Collection Jean Boggio
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